Cesc will play against Barcelona

After many rumours that assured that the Arsenal Captain was out of the match due to an injury, Cesc Fabregas talked to friends and family and wiped out all doubts: he will play.

Fabregas suffered a tough foul against Birmingham. Many friends and relatives called him, shocked by the crude images on TV. Even Arsen Wenger was concerned about it.

But both Cesc and Arsenal doctors have said that the talented midfielder is 100% ready to play this important Champions League clash.


Arsenal vs. Barcelona: Cesc says they can eliminate Messi from the Champions League

Arsenal's destiny in 2010 Champions League includes facing the powerful Barcelona, current kings of Europe. But Cesc Fabregas is confident in their chances of winning this duel.

"Many people think we have no chances of winning it. Many people thought we could not reach the fourth spot of the Premier League. But I say that if I don't believe I can achieve something, I wouldn't play football" Fabregas said.

He also mention that they are not scared by the tremendous level of Lionel Messi, who have scored three hat-tricks in one month.


Cesc to return against West Ham

The talented Francesc Fabregas has been out since March 6, but good news arrived at the Emirates Stadium: he will be back for the clash against West Ham United on Saturday.

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger told the press that "Fabregas and Tomas Rosicky have a final test tomorrow morning. They should be available for our game against West Ham."

The Spanish midfielder will undergo a final fitness test tomorrow morning, however, William Gallas - another injured star - is unlikely to join him on Saturday's match.

Rumours in the last days assured that Juventus is after Cesc, but he claims to be focused only in his recovery and in Arsenal's campaign this season of the Premier League.