Cesc heals and gets ready for his return

Cesc Fabregas young age is helping him to get closer to recovery from a serious knee injury. He hopes to resume training with a ball in 10 days.

Indeed, the 21-year-old player has returned to England from Spain for the final stage of his rehabilitation program and he will be in the crowd at Emirates Stadium for Monday night's FA Cup replay against Cardiff.

"From this week ... I will be back at the team, in the dressing room and around my sidemates, and I will see them going out to training, travelling to the games and that will make me jealous.

"It will give me more desire to get fit as quickly as possible so I can be in the side again," Cesc Fabregas expressed. "Over the last few weeks I have only thought of my injury, and in despite of that, now it's time for me to come back to the side. I am the captain and I have responsibilities - I have to be next to my sidemates even if I'm not playing."