After Arsenal's victory over AZ, Koeman praises Cesc

Dutch coach Ronaldo Koeman is convinced that Cesc Fabregas is one of the best players in the world. His superb performance in the 4-1 victory over AZ Alkmaar proves him right.

The popular Cesc netted twice to virtually assure Arsenal a place in the knockout stages and AZ boss Koeman was impressed.

Koeman kowns that Cesc was the main reason for the result. "He is a fantastic player. Fabregas was involved in nearly everything - but they have many footballers who really don't need many chances to score."

Koeman also talked about Arsenal chances in the future: "They are a fantastic team with lots of quality and make many chances, but they are also a very young team and they maybe lack the experience that say Chelsea and Barcelona have when it comes to the latter stages. But that does not mean they can't go a long way in the competition because in knockout it's very close and it's just two games. To me, they are serious candidates."


Cesc Fabregas praised by fans, team mates and Wenger as well

Cesc Fabregas has been voted as PFA Fans' Player of the Month, boosting his popularity and enlightening the moment he is living right now. The Arsenal Captain is recognized by fans, players and coaches as one of the best footballers in the world.

The talented catalan midfielder is the pilot of an Arsenal squad that many believe play the best, most attractive football of any side in the country. It's just that Cesc has the ability and vision to get himself on the end of most collective moves of his team.

Coach Wenger said of him that "he's a bit like Lampard in that he wants to structure the game. Cesc likes to be at the start of things and then get on the end of things, and he can push forward more this season because he has two players around him who can defend."

Also teammate Teo Walcott praises Cesc: "He is fantastic to play with because he spots everything on the pitch and times his passes to perfection, so that you don't even need to break stride.

"He is still really young and, as captain, has a lot of pressure on his shoulders yet he continues to deliver. He truly is a fantastic person to learn from. I can't believe he is only 22."